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Huy Hung Coffee Company

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Cong ty TNHH MTV ca phe Nguyen Huy Hung (Huy Hung Coffee Company) specializes in purchasing green beans from farmers groups in Central Highlands, Vietnam and supports coffee farmers groups in exporting. We are a Fairtrade trader by FLO-cert. Come to us to have the finest coffee beans!

Huy Hung Coffee Company (Công ty TNHH MTV Cà phê Nguyên Huy Hùng) was founded in 2005.  We have 10 - year experience of coffee producing, supply and export. In 2009, we achieved Fairtrade certificate (FLO ID: 21968) and are one of the first two Fairtrade certified exporters in Vietnam - the world second largest coffee producer.

Until 2013, our high quality coffee has been exported to many countries in the world such as USA, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Russia, Mexico, and others.

  • Total export (2009-2013): USD 5 million - more than 2500 tons
  • Domestic market (2005-2013): VND 1170 billion - more than 30000 tons


Our products 



R1, s16, 0.1%

0.1% black beans, 0.3% broken beans, 0.2% fm, 12.5% moist

R1, s16, 2%

2.0% bbb, 0.5% fm, 12.5% moist

R2, s13, 5%

5% bbb, 1% foreign matters 13% moist

Certified coffee

Fairtrade, 4C, UTZ: same specializations as R1 0.1%; R1 2%; R2 5%

Ground coffee

Robusta; Arabica

Roasted green beans

R1; R2; Culi; Arabica


We also have achieved certificates on food hygiene and safety (HACCP) and quality management (ISO). At present, we are supporting 04 groups of farmers in Dak Ha to grow sustainable coffee including 02 Fairtrade groups (Dak Mar Coffee Farmers' Group, CSCC), 01 4C group, 01 UTZ certified group and helping 65 farmers gain Rainforest Alliance certificate.

Contact us for more information

Huy Hung Coffee Company (Công ty TNHH MTV Cà phê Nguyên Huy Hùng)

Add.: 472 Hung Vuong, Dak Ha town, Dak Ha district, Kon Tum, Central Highlands, Vietnam

Tel: +84 603 822 161/+84 916 322 822 (English helper)



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