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Cooperative for Producing Safe Coffee for Community’s Health

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“Cooperative for Producing Safe Coffee for Community’s Health” (referred to as the CSCC) is a non-profit cooperative, specializes in producing safe coffee that meets the standard of FLO-cert and distributes in the Fairtrade market. CSCC was set up in early 2009, located in Area 5, Dak Ha Town, Dak Ha District, Kon Tum Province.


Cooperative for Producing Safe Coffee for Community’s Health (CSCC) is located in one of the regions that own the most suitable natural conditions for cultivating coffee in Vietnam. More than 90% of CSCC members are small producers who were soldiers in Vietnam War. After the war ended, due to economic difficulties, they had to leave their native places for the Central Highlands to make a living by growing coffee, wishing to alleviate the poverty. However, it was still very hard for them because of fluctuated coffee price and their dependence on natural conditions. Good luck came to them since they were informed of Fairtrade and supported from representatives of Flo-eV in Vietnam and from Huy Hung Coffee Company. February 2009, 43 farmers formed a cooperative to handle the economic difficulties together and learn the cultivation techniques from each other. CSCC was one the first two Fairtrade certified cooperatives certified by FLO-cert in Vietnam (FLO ID: 21473). In 2014, the number of members of CSCC has reached 98 with certified area of 181.4 ha and capacity of 4,787 tons of cherries.


CSCC's organizational structure


Our products

Fairtrade coffee

Robusta coffee R1


12.5% moisture; 0.1% black beans; 0.3% broken beans; 0.2% fm; 0.1% Excelsa

Robusta coffee R2


13% moisture; 2% bbb; 1% fm; 1% Excelsa



Although Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer, it still suffers from a number of risks such as unstable price, not high capacity and quality, limited export values. These risks nowadays can be limited by a new method: coffee sustainability, which protects the environment and creates better benefits for the farmers and workers at the same time.

Environment protection

Following environmental standards of Fairtrade, CSCC is committed to maintaining a method of production that will protect and sustain the environment in the possible way. We hold training seminars on cultivation, carbon emission, agrochemicals and waste recycling to encourage the farmers to progress toward higher standards that both benefit them and increase the sustainability.

Benefits for the farmers

Farmers’ life is becoming more and more stable since participating in producing fair trade certified coffee helps stabilize and raise coffee price as well as improve product’s quality. Selling coffee also generates a premium for them, which not only benefit themselves but also help pay back to the society. They no more do not have to borrow money for education, food, electricity, water, etc. Thanks to better environmental and working conditions, their health is ensured to be taken with better care and have better access to mental health service. Until August 2014, CSCC has built 02 community houses; 06 houses for the poor; 01 kindergarten; 01 road and donated funds for the poor and children, etc.​​​


Contact information


Address: 01 Chu Van An, Dak Ha Town, Kon Tum Province, Central Highlands, Vietnam

Tel: +84 977 413 048/ +84 982 495 861 (English helper)

Fax: +84 603 827 737




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