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Regulation training of FLO and Fairtrade for CSCC members

FRIday - 12/10/2012 17:31
In order to fully comply with strict regulation on coffee quality, CSCC has invited FLO and Fairtrade’s specialist to CSCC to give training for coffee farmers on regulation of Flo and Fairtrade.

In the context that CSCC is one of the earliest coffee cooperatives producing sustainable coffee in Vietnam and CSCC do not have much experiences in this sustainable coffee sector, CSCC has organized workshops with the involvement of Flo and Fairtrade specialist to guide coffee farmers with regulation on coffee production according to international standard. Although CSCC is young cooperative, coffee productivity of CSCC has increases over years and reached 614 tons in 2011-2012 period. Moreover, total coffee area of CSCC also increased and it is expected that coffee productivity in 2012-2013 period will reach 700 tons. Therefore, need for regulation training is more urgent than ever.


In the workshops, CSCC members has been provides with specific regulations on producing coffee complied with Flo and Fairtrade requirements. In addition, they had chance to directly ask questions to the specialists for clarification. These workshops like this is so significant for farmers to comply completely the regulation of Flo and Fairtrade.


CSCC in continuos efforts support coffee farmers to gain living standards through coffee production and workshop organization is one of efforts indirectly bring benefits for famers growing coffee. This activities like this will be organized for further development of CSCC. 

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